Friday, September 25, 2009

Greetings Future and Current Women In * Network Members!

Accept Credit for YOUR Accomplishments…

wherever they may be found!

Great things continue to happen with the members of the Women In * Network! Three of our current members are profiled in Concentrate Magazine and mi perfect job!

Chevetta Burton, Alicia Thomas and I, Nicole Johnson, are taking advantage on the branding opportunities that networking and social media can bring by accepting credit for our respective accomplishments.

Too often we, women, shy away for being recognized for our accomplishments. One of the major goals of The Women In * Network is to provide Knowledge in useful tools that you can implement now! As such here or some quick tips I found on how to Accept Credit for Accomplishments Modestly but Strongly; in the book: How to say it for women By Phyllis Mindell on page 248.

“…Women managers often so self effacing that they say things like, “It’s not my achievement; it’s theirs…”

How Not to Accept Credit
1. “It was really nothing.”
2. “I got lucky.”
3. “It wasn’t me; it was the team.”
4. “I worked hard.”
5. “I tried.”
6. “I don’t know if it was really only luck or not, but I was the only women who took the supervisor exam and the only one who passes. Despite the incompetence of the team, I pulled the show together on my own.

How to Accept Credit
1. Thank you.
2. Under my leadership, the employees at Zuckerman’s Barn succeeded in a joint effort to save the life of the runt of the litter.
3. This task could not have accomplished this task without your cooperation and support.
4. We could not have accomplished this task without everyone’s cooperation and support
5. Your cooperation and support contributed so much to my (our) success.
6. I was the only women who took the supervisor exam and the only one who passed.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Traditional & Social Networking At Its Best!

Greetings Future and Current Women In * Network Members!

Being such a young networking organization means there is plenty of opportunity for great things to happen! Imagine how surprised I was when one of our members took advantage of the benefits of networking within such a diverse group less than 60 days after the inaugural meeting!

By taking advantage of social networking on the member’s only site, one of our members reached out to a member with a Key Connection at the company of interest and asked for a personal recommendation. The recommendation was made… and she started the position last Monday!

Now, I am not suggesting the ‘only’ reason she got the position was because of The Women In * Network….but it never hurts to have to have a strong network on your side when you are a dynamic, intelligent and influential woman!

We’ve seen how social networking can benefit our members…now take advantage of the benefits of traditional networking on September 29th in the lush ambiance of Gandy Dancer, Ann Arbor!

The Women In ^* Network

Join a learning community of professional, diverse, intelligent & influential women from all industries and areas of business.

Enjoy a “Petite Presentation”; 10-15 minute presentation designed to provide you with valuable and unique tools for getting results.

The Women In ^* Network meetings are enhanced by Excursion Style dining at truly exceptional restaurants.